Africa-Canada Expo & Investment Summit 2023




Are you an investor or representative of international business interested in growing business in Canada or West Africa? This event is for you.

Africa-Canada Expo & Investment Summit (ACEXIS) was specifically designed for Investors of all sizes that are seeking to establish or expand operations in Canada, Nigeria and Ghana.

The summit attracts representatives of economic development organizations, federal and local governments, Advisors, service providers and others.

Meeting with Leaders Seeking To:

Establish pathways to engendering stronger government and private investment relationships between Canada and Africa.

Align international opportunities synergistic with Africa interests.

Construct platforms that articulate business opportunities between countries

Open vistas of governmental relations and private opportunities

Create a path to improve on democratic tendencies as a way to enhance human and cultural existences

Maximized investor returns by seizing opportunities between both countries Institute open business borders for cultural, educational and tourism

Build pipeline of business opportunities thorough the commodity and trade supply­ chain.

woman with black and orange turban standing and glancing her right side


Access to a large and engaged audience
Opportunities for networking and building industry connections

To encourage bilateral trade between African countries among government to government,entrepreneurs and business leaders globally.

To connect the industry players especially manufacturers,service providers,policy makers, potential clients.

Bringing together diverse industries ranging from cultural diversity, tourism, technology, agro industries, financial service, infrastructure.

It’s a must event for those seeking to explore and expand their business potential.

We are serving as a commercial gateway and a hub for global connectivity.

woman with black and orange turban standing and glancing her right side

Program of events

DAY 1: 2023: Toronto Canada
    • 25th November
    • Arrival Day
DAY 2: 2023: Toronto Canada
    • 26th November
    • Interaction Day
DAY 3: 2023: Toronto Canada
    • 27th November 2023
    • Venue: Ontario Investment & Trade Centre
    • Time: 10 am
DAY 4: 2023: Toronto Canada
    • 28th November
    • Networking and Meeting Day
DAY 5: 2023: Toronto Canada
    • 29th of November
    • G’s speaks interactive session
    • Venue: Riverstone Community Center
    • Time: 10am
    • Address: 195 Don Minaker Dr Brampton On L6P 2V7
DAY 6: 2023: Toronto Canada
    • 30th November 2023
    • Glam Women Gathering Brunch
    • Venue: River Stone Community Center.
    • Address: 195 Don Minaker Dr, Brampton ,ONL6P 2V7.
    • Time: 10 am
DAY 7: 2023: Toronto Canada
    • 1st of December:
    • AFRICIES Award and Gala Night
    • Venue: LW Banquet & Convention Centre.
    • Address: 4611 Steeles Ave West North York ON, M9L 1X2 Canada.

Network, Learn & Grow